Recruitment Training Via Tribunali

Grow your passion into expertise and become a certified pizzaiolo!

Are you heading for a new career in the restaurant industry and want to be involved with creating something special: the best Neapolitan pizza experience in Finland?

Via Tribunali RecruitmentTraining (RekryKoulutus) is a recruiting training program which aims to train and recruit new Neapolitan pizza chefs or ”pizzaiolos” with Via Tribunali.


Target group and requirements

Via Tribunali RecruitmentTraining (RekryKoulutus) is targeted to the unemployed customers of TE Office/local government pilot on employment (työllisyyden kuntakokeilu), and to those customers of TE Office/local government pilot on employment, who are under risk of being unemployed and meet the following requirements:

– Strong motivation for professional kitchen work
– Interest in working in service industry
– Suitable health for professional kitchen work; good physical health as the work in restaurant kitchen requires a great deal of proper physical condition
– Readiness to handle and taste all ingredients used in food preparation
– Readiness for fast-paced shift work
– Fluent written and oral skills in English

Previous experience in a pizzeria or another professional kitchen is not required, but it is considered an advantage as well as proficiency in Finnish.


About the training

Via Tribunali RecruitmentTraining is designed to be work-life-oriented training focusing on basic kitchen skills and Neapolitan pizza. The training is carried out as multiform training which includes contact instruction and online learning as well as learning on the job at Via Tribunali´s restaurants in Helsinki.

Contact instruction will be held on weekdays at Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College Campus Töölö in Helsinki.

Learning on the job at Via Tribunali will be held also on weekends and public holiday days five days a week excluding April 1st, 2024 (2nd Easter Day).

– The training is full-time studying.
– The training will be held in English.
– Training period: March 11th – May 24th, 2024.
– The training program is free of charge for the students.

Content of the training

Contact instruction and online learning (March 11th – 28th, 2024)
– Beginning and content of the training, instructions, and tools (Online Campus)
– Kitchen appliances, equipment, tools, ergonomics, and safe working practices
– Hygiene competence and test
– Identification, handling, and storage of ingredients
– Knife handling
– Baking, dough behavior
– Appetizers and desserts
– Sauces, seasoning
– Waste management
– Learning on the job at at Via Tribunali; making Neapolitan pizza
– Possibility to complete a beverage service license
– Final day of the training; May 24th, 2024

Learning on the job (April 2nd – May 23rd, 2024)
– Learning on the job at Via Tribunali’s restaurants in Helsinki



Purpose and aim of the training

– Develop the capabilities to start working in the kitchen at Via Tribunali’s restaurant,

– Get acquainted with the restaurant industry and Via Tribunali’s restaurants, thus exploring opportunities provided by the restaurant industry and the employer,

– The aim of Via Tribunali RecruitmentTraining is to be employed as a Neapolitan pizza chef in the recruiting company Via Tribunali after successfully completing the training.

– After completing RecruitmentTraining there is an opportunity for the students to apply to study further at Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College.

Application and selection process

Fill out an electronic application here, (or go to > Henkilöasiakkaat > TE-palveluiden Oma asiointi > Haussa oleva työvoimakoulutus with keyword number 718286), or fill a paper application with TE Office/local government pilot on employment. If needed, you can find the paper application (TEM601) at If you fill out an electronic application without a bank ID, you must confirm your application at TE Office/local government pilot on employment before the end of the application period.

Representatives from TE Office Uusimaa, Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College and Via Tribunali will make a pre-selection based on the applications.

In the application, it is important to highlight the suitability (see the above-mentioned requirements) and motivation to work as a Neapolitan pizza chef at Via Tribunali. Please fill out the application in English.

After the pre-selection, some of the applicants will be invited for selection interviews. The small group interviews will be organized by Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College (Helsinki) and Via Tribunali at Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College Campus Töölö (Helsinki) on February 27th, 2024.

Please note that the training application is binding and cannot be withdrawn without a valid reason. By submitting an application to this training, you agree to participate in the selection process and to take part in the training if you are selected for it. If you cancel the application, do not participate in the selection process, or do not start the training, the TE Office/local government pilot on employment will review your entitlement to unemployment benefit (TTL 2 a luku 9 § 7 a-7 b sekä 2 a luku 10 §).

Further information

You can get more information about labor market trainings and financial support/benefits during the training by phone (in English) at 0295 020 713 (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4.15 pm), see more:

TE-palveluiden Koulutusneuvonta:


Via Tribunali

Established in 2017 with its first unit on Sofiankatu in Helsinki, Pizzeria Via Tribunali embodies the authentic Neapolitan tradition of pizza making. Our eight restaurants located in Helsinki, Turku, Äkäslompolo and Pirkkala employ over a hundred passionate pizza professionals. The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) certificate granted to our restaurants is also a promise that at Via Tribunali, you will experience pizza that is certified to be as good as, or even better than, in Naples.

At Pizzeria Via Tribunali, we believe in the power of people and community. Outstanding individuals – each with their unique personality and skills – create not only an inspiring and positive work environment but also a unique customer experience. For this reason, we invest in our employees’ wellbeing and development, offering opportunities for professional growth in a close-knit and supportive community. As an employee at Via Tribunali, you join a family where everyone’s contribution is equally valuable, and together we create something special: the best Neapolitan pizza experience in Finland.