Here we come: we are opening the 9th Via Tribunali restaurant in Ratina at the beginning of June!

Work with us!

Finally, Via Tribunali is coming to Tampere. That’s why we are looking for staff for our new unit which will be located in the core downtown area of Tampere. The new restaurant will have about 80 seats inside and another 80 outside on the terrace during the summer season.

We are essentially looking for the whole crew. Primarily, however, we are looking for waiters and pizzaiolos!

From waiters, we expect an incredible attitude towards customer service: a genuine desire and passion to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. Previous experience in the field and work is definitely a plus, but above all, we are looking for fitting attitude and great team players.

Pizzaiolos should have some experience in making Neapolitan pizza. You don’t need to be a master craftsman, but it helps to get started if you already have some familiarity with the secrets of Neapolitan pizza.

We would hope that our recruits already have a hygiene and alcohol pass. However, there is still time until the opening, so you will have time to complete these statutory requirements before the opening too.

Please send your application as soon as possible by email to: rekry@viatribunali.fi