– Finland’s only certified Neapolitan pizzeria –



Dear customer! 

Our pizza ovens are staying hot in both our locations, at least for now, so don’t hesitate to step in for a pizza if you’re feeling healthy. We have arranged our tables so you can have a safe distance to others and we take all the required measures to keep our hygiene levels high. Lets take care of each other! Hopefully see you soon!

Pizza was born in Naples – travelled the world -and returned back to its roots to Via Tribunali

The process that makes our fluffy dough carries a tradition true to the Neapolitan pizza. The ingredients we use on top are also carefully selected.

The hearth of the restaurant is the magnificent Italian hand made oven. The pizza spends just over a minute in the 450 ° C open fire. This kiss – as it is called by locals – makes the dough fluffy and the ingredients on top keep their fresh unique taste.

Straight after the kiss the pizza is served. From the oven to the table, could it be any tastier?

We want to welcome you to the birth place of pizza, Via Tribunali. Come and taste the authentic Neapolitan pizza.